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La Petite Ecole began in 2003, as a small daycare center offering educational instruction out of a home in San Diego. As the school’s popularity began to increase, a larger space was needed. In 2006, La Petite Ecole opened at its current location, with five teachers, one administrator, and a handful of students. Over the next few years, Le Petite Ecole grew rapidly, expanding the student body, faculty and administration, and receiving accreditation by the French government. In 2017, La Petite Ecole celebrated a milestone by incorporating a middle school curriculum, expanding its scope from Pre-K through 8th grade.

From these humble beginnings, La Petite Ecole has grown into a thriving place of learning, respect and guidance, turning students into scholars, and scholars into leaders.

We Owe Them Our Success

The success and happiness of our students all depend on our wonderful, dedicated teachers. These talented and caring professionals are the backbone of La Petite Ecole, and instill respect, understanding and a sense of family in our halls and classrooms. Meet our spectacular team:

La Petite Ecole is grateful for the professionalism and the dedication of teachers like Florence L., Isabelle F., Alice C, Ophélie D., Anthony B., and Hannah N., who laid the foundation for La Petite Ecole and paved the way for other teachers. It is due to their great work that Le Petite Ecole earned its accreditation and excellent reputation.

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Full Immersion

At La Petite Ecole, we believe strongly in a fully immersive program for French learners. As a result, our students acquire and retain French at staggering rates.

The Benefits of a Bilingual Education

The benefits of a bilingual education on a child’s mind have long been established. Some of these benefits include:

  • Canadian researchers have found on average that bilingual students have an IQ 14 points higher than monolingual students.
  • Bilingualism improves memory, decision making and cognitive skills.
  • Second language comprehension enhances music and mathematical skills.
  • Children between the ages of 0-7 have the best natural retention of second languages.

More than just a Second Language

Along with the practical advantages of raising a bilingual child, there are also several other benefits that come with learning a new language.

  • Discovering a new culture
  • Developing different ways of thinking
  • Encouraging tolerance and worldliness
  • Receiving a better chance of succeeding in school
  • Expanding a student’s world through communication

The French System

La Petite Ecole offers the entire French educational experience. We base our curriculum on the French Ministry of Education system, while instilling French culture and values to mold our students into valuable members of the global community. La Petite Ecole and its teachers are overseen by the French Ministry of Education with inspectors visiting our school to evaluate our curriculum, qualifications of the teachers and the everyday operations of the school.

The goal of the French educational system is to develop analytical, reasoning and critical thinking techniques through incremental acquisition of rigorous writing skills and broad academic knowledge at each level. Our early-immersion language program reinforces these skills. The French Ministry of Education divides preschool and elementary school into three cycles of education (ranging from ages 2 to 11). A cycle may represents 2 or 3 years for the students to master all concepts and knowledge defined by the Ministry of Education. Visit our Academics page to learn more about our curriculum and Cycles.

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Parents’ Handbook

The Parents Handbook includes the rules and regulations of La Petite Ecole de San Diego


This document is available upon request.

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We have two children at La Petite Ecole and absolutely love it. The teachers are passionate about their work, very patient with the children, and are great observers in the classroom. But most importantly, they truly love the kids, and provide them with a warm, family atmosphere. Our children are blossoming here, and we’re so excited!

La Petite Parent

The academic programs are wonderful and very well rounded. This year, my son’s art, music and French classes were especially interesting. Not only that, but his English has improved tremendously, too.

La Petite Parent

We are so happy with La Petite Ecole! Our daughter has learned so much, like counting and the alphabet, but also values like respect and politeness. She is more independent now, and can’t wait to learn and have new experiences, and we have La Petite Ecole to thank for that.

La Petite Parent

Ever since enrolling my children in La Petite Ecole, they are constantly smiling, singing and drawing. They are so happy and eager, they can’t wait to get to school every day. We highly recommend this school to anyone.

La Petite Parent

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