Pricing Plans

Our fees include all of the essentials we need to give your child an enriching, immersive and unforgettable educational experience.  

Registration Fee

Per student, first year only Non-refundable$850


Toddlers 2 & 3 years old
——–2 days per week$6400
——–3 days per week$7900
——–5 days per week$10550
Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten$11000
1st to 5th grade$11500
6th, 7th & 8th grade$11800
Sibling discount-10%

Material Fee

Toddler, Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten$500
1st to 5th grade$550
6th, 7th & 8th grade$600

Material fee includes classroom art supplies, French notebooks and French textbooks, one school t-shirt, PreK & K snacks, and  art material for all celebrations like  Mother’s day, field trips,……..

Payment Plan & Schedule

Plan A Payment in full by August 1st receives the following discount.
——–2 days$300
——–3 days$350
——–5 days$500
Plan B 3 equal paymentsAugust 1st November 1st February 1st
Plan C 10 automatic payments onlyAugust 1st to May 1st

Daycare & Study Hall

Daycare (per hour or partial hour)$9
Prepaid Daycare Card
——–25 hours$200
——–50 hours$375
——–100 hours$700

French Scholarships

Students with a French citizenship can apply for French scholarships. For more information, contact the principal.