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La Petite Ecole PTR is a non profit organization with elected President, Treasurer, Secretary and Members. Members are elected among parents and must be present to every PTR meeting to be able to vote. Parents can participate to the PTR meeting but if they are not Members they can not vote. The PTR  has a separate bank account.

They mostly help the school in all the events such as the Halloween Parade, the Holiday Show, and Mardi Gras celebration, etc.

They can raise money on different occasions. The funds raised should serve in educational purpose or venues, and the beneficiary will be the students. All the voting members have a say in how to spend the money and the school is always making sure that the philosophy is respected. The Director of La Petite Ecole has the right of veto on any decision taken by the PTR if the decision is not in accordance with the philosophy and ethic of  the school.

PTR President: Sally o.
Vice President: Jennifer C.
Treasurer: Shelley S.
Secretary: Suzana M.

Voting Board Members:
Aya M.K.
Heather H.
Meryem B.
Valerie D.
Nawel B.
Lisa H.
Jeniffer M.
Marianne B.
Noudjoum H.
A representative of the teachers
The Director of the school

The PTR has also its own blog where you can find useful information about school and  activities that  you can do with your children: Les Petits Oursons

Here are some fundraising organized by the PTR

  • School Picture (Taking by a professional )
  • Pastry Sale By Arely’s
  • Baguette & French Bread By Arely’s
  • Fun Run (
  • Talent Show
  • …………

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