Student Life

La Petite Ecole is guided by the concept that every child is a unique individual. It is our belief that children are entitled to fully experiencing their childhood. They have the right to be physically and emotionally secure, and to grow in a caring atmosphere of encouragement, challenge and approval.

We believe that our students will one day become contributing members of our global society, and they deserve respect for their developing qualities, abilities, and integrity. We believe education is an important element of family life. Consequently, interaction with parents is a valued part of our school life.

Student Attire

All students are required to wear the following school attire.

The purpose of our dress code is twofold: the students at La Petite Ecole come from many cultures and all walks of life, and students’ attire serves to equalize socioeconomic status.  The second purpose is to instill in students a proper sense of formal grooming and presentation.

Boys Attire

Any combination

Girls Attire

Any combination

PE Attire

For boys & girls


We try to make the students’ experience fun, educational and memorable. We are pleased to give our students the chance to explore the world around us, by programing field trips and activities that most people never get to experience.


Art is a very important and integral part of the bilingual education that our students receive at La Petite Ecole. Both art education and appreciation are part of our curriculum and start as early as age two. Here is some of our students’ artwork we are proud to showcase:


Sports are a great tool that improve focus and build confidence in students. And of course, there is no need to speak the same language when you are playing together!

We believe that sports and physical activity should be part of daily life.

Our Preschool, Jr Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have 45 minutes of gross motor skill activities every day. They also have access to tricycles, scooters, jump ropes and balls during recess.

A variety of activities and team sports are introduced in first grade and continued through 6th grade, with a minimum of 3 hours of P.E. every week.


Our younger students are taught music classes by their teachers. Older students receive classes in music, singing and instrumentation by a specialized music teacher. Dance, percussion, and rhythm are all showcased by our students during events such as our Holiday Show and the Kermesse.

Field Trips

Field trips are a fantastic way for students to broaden their knowledge about a variety of subjects. On our field trips, students will learn about subjects they are currently studying, or those that they will in the future. At the end of each trip, the students will complete a report about their experiences.

For logistical and safety reasons, field trips are offered beginning in Junior Kindergarten; for children under 3 years old, speakers and activities are brought to La Petite Ecole. Some field trips include:

Life in the desert
Carlsbad Museum of Making Music
Upper Grades Camp
Wild Animal Park
Queen Califia’s Magical Circle
Rock Climbing
Whale Watching

After School Activities

After school activities are offered throughout the school year and vary by age group.
Prices are typically between $10 to $15 per class

STUDY HALL: from 3:45 to 4:30 pm (Elementary grades only)


La Journée sur l’Eau

La Petite Ecole and the PTR organize our annual event at Mission Bay Park.

Parents are invited with their children to participate in water activities: kayaking, stand up paddling, sailing, and keelboating with supervision and guidance from instructors at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center.

For children below 6 years old, we offer bouncing house activities.

Finger food and refreshments is served by Girard Gourmet.

It is a fun day for parents, children and the teachers of La Petite Ecole!