85% of new parents are referrals from our current parents!

June 11th 2016.

We are pleased to highly recommend La Petite Ecole de San Diego. Our daughter Sophie started at La Petite Ecole in Petite Section de Maternelle when she 2 and 1/2 and stayed there all the way to 6 grade.   During all these years Sophie had always great teachers. The classes were always small and kids received plenty of attention and a solid education. The atmosphere at school is convivial and safe. We feel that Thierry Pasquet the principal works very hard to provide a great education and to create a setting for respect and good behavior among children.

We wish plenty of success to La Petite Ecole for the coming years.


Pascal L.

« We are now nearly done with her second year.  This year she was full time.  She is singing in French and for the first time last week started using sentences.  We are supplementing at home with French games, apps, and she watches movies in French.  Both of her teachers this second year were also amazing.  We feel very fortunate to have found this program and will likely stay through 6th grade. »

From a former student

« While at La Petite Ecole, my experience was very different from the other schools
I attended. I really enjoyed having small classes, which helped me learn easier and faster, the teachers were amazing at explaining the subjects they were teaching. I felt a one on one connection with them which made me feel more comfortable. I was impressed of the original ideas that this school provided us with, such as the way of taking role, by moving my name on the board from the house to the school. The variety of things we did during the year was also a bonus. Arts and crafts, while learning about what we were working on. As I grew older and entered 5th grade, math, English, and French became harder and we started learning more in depth about each topic. My French teacher was great, he related with the students so well. He taught us how to write in cursive, defined important words and gave us lists of the words to memorize, and made us write a small essay also known as « Une dictee » where we had to use the memorized words and formulate them into sentences. « Les dictees » were challenging but helped me so much with spelling and gaining a greater vocabulary. In math, my teacher didn’t just talk about problems to learn, he used objects and the students themselves to help us better understand the unit we were learning by actually being part of the problem. Thirdly, English was also a challenge, likewise in French, we were taught new words, instead of using basic expressions, we ound different ways of saying them. We read three books in class, where we took turns reading a few paragraphs. Lastly, P.E. was completely different from the other schools I went to. We had many field trips to the park, where we played tag, sharks and minnows, and kickball. I felt very safe going to the park because we all wore the same shirt with the school logo, which made it impossible to get lost, with the addition of supervision by one or two teachers. All in all, La Petite Ecole, was a terrific experience, I am glad I went there. I learned how to think on my own, think about problems quicker, I felt very comfortable in this environment, and the addition of enthusiasm by every teacher helped the students and I to enjoy learning and have fun with it. »

 « We started our child in September and she had a tough time adjusting the first two months she clung to me.  But her teachers in the PreK were warm and loving and even though the entire program is in French and she only speaks English she loves it.  The only thing we didn’t like is that we signed up too late for her to get into the 5 day program!  But she is already signed up for the next year for 5 days now.  We put our infant son on the wait list.  Our 2 year old is already saying all of her colors in french and can count to 20 in French as well.  We have to supplement the English learning at home but she is ahead in that as well.  Fantastic experience so far. » 

« We wanted our child to be in an immersion language school and the standards of the French schools are much better than CA’s. They also have a shorter day which is more appropriate for kids and learning. They have the most supportive and caring environment for little kids and my child is half way through this year and is learning so much it’s amazing! This is by far the best decision I have made so far for my child and the next one will follow. I am so grateful to the amazing staff. I only wish it went past 5th grade!« 

« We are so happy with La petite ecole. Our daughter is taught great values as politeness, respect but also painting, music, alphabet, counting. She is now more independent (she tidy up toys, wants to be potty trained, to do many new thing by herself…) , always happy to see « les copains » (friends) and her two teachers. There is 12 children for 2 teachers. The parents community is active and very friendly. »

« Academic programs are wonderful and very complete. Well rounded education. This year, the art has been absolutely tremendous. Music teaching was a great plus. My son’s French teacher was wonderful in every way. His English teacher was very soft spoken, ready to listen to the children and the parents. My son’s English has improved thanks to her continuous guidance. Politeness and caring for others is very important in the school and children learn to take care of each other. A+ to the school, all the way. »

« This school has a high level of education, and teaches your kids having a sense of analysis. My daughter improved so much, and going to school is better than anything else for her. »

« Great academic programs – art is fantastic – and the parents are wonderful – I highly recommend this school for parents wanting a language immersion experience for their children. »

« We have two kids (2 and 4) at La Petite Ecole and we love it. The teachers are passionate about their work, they are very patient, they have a great sense of observation that allows them to adapt their work to each kid, they have lots of imagination, they take as much time as needed to explain their work to the parents and, most importantly, they love the kids. The kids love them in return. They very naturally make a happy family atmosphere. We were impressed by the evolution of our kids since they joined La Petite Ecole . When they return home from school, they constantly sing, draw, or write letters. They seem eager to learn and they blossom. When the week-end is too long, they ask us to bring them back to school. We highly recommend this school to anyone. »

« I love la petite école, not only because I am giving my child of a third language, but also because I love the environment and the cultural richness he is exposed to. He goes to another English school a couple of days a week and I can see a huge difference in the way he acts, there is a more mellow environment in la petite ecole less aggression and pushing and competitiveness (the wrong kind) between the kids. Along with the superior academics , they keep track of every area of development and give an extensive report of it. Teachers are readily available to discuss and talk to you, parents involvement is great and they do projects that I just a adore, for mothers day the kids (with a little help) made strawberry jam, I love the school, the teachers , the parents and kids. »

« My daughter loves to go to La Petite Ecole and is asking even during the week-end when it’s time to go to school!! La Petite Ecole is a small school with a great family atmosphere, which is ideal for young children. Everything is very well organized and clean. There are not a lot of kids in each class and every child gets a lots of love and attention from the teacher. They do a lot of different activities during the day such as arts and crafts, music, gymnastic….and learn things by playing. My daughter is so happy over there that I highly recommend that school. »